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DVS Auto Doors Provide :- All Dormakaba Hardware & Solutions, Sales, Installation, Service , AMC & Other Brand Products as well. Place of Use :- Industrial & Residential Area in Pan India. Year of establishment 2016, we DVS Auto Doors are identified as the reputed Wholesale Trader of premium quality of Automatic Sliding Glass Door.

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Automatic Dorma Sensor Door Dealers in Delhi -DVS Auto Doors

Are you loving the automatic world right and looking for Automatic Dorma Sensor Door Dealers in Delhi? Isn't it made everything so convenient? But wait, are you still stuck with whether to pull or push the door of your office or mart? Connect with the DVS Auto Doors & get yourself an Automatic Sensor Door Today!!

Dorma Sensor Door; No More Confusion

No more sliding or pulling the door yourself, Dorma Sensor Door does this task for you. Now you don't have to keep a person or guard to open & close the doors because everything will go smoothly with the flawless Automatic Sensor Door Supplied & installed by DVS Auto Doors, the best Dorma Dealers in Delhi. With smart sensors, the doors open conveniently without any blockage. The automatic doors that DVS Auto Doors Supplied can be adjusted according to your need. Whether you want a single-leaf door or a double-leaf door. You can also customise your automatic door through different opening patterns to suit your style.

Safety is a Priority - Dorma Delhi

Being the Best Dorma Dealers in Delhi, DVS Auto Doors never compromise the safety of customers. The automatic doors have motion sensors which means the movement of people in & out of doors are captured by the technology to avoid the doors hitting the people & ensuring their safety. The movement of the door & can be controlled by the remote sensors, or through the button which ensures that there are no accidents due to involuntary movement of the doors.

Premium Quality Product

If you are looking for Dorma Delhi you can contact DVS Auto doors to get premium quality Automatic Doors installed in your workplace, industrial & residential. The Dorma Doors are made of different materials including premium quality glass which does not easily break. You don’t have to be scared of doors falling from the slide because they fix the doors with stainless steel & aluminium fittings to ensure that they stay intact in their place for a long period.

Can be customised according to you

The Automatic doors can be customised according to your need. It comes in different sizes and weights. The price of the automatic doors depends on their size and the quality of the material used in them. The higher the quality goes the more price it will demand. DVS auto doors ensure you provide premium quality, unbreakable doors at the right price.

Variant Products

DVS Auto Doors provide you with different types of automatic doors & supporting material. They deal in Automatic Door Opener, Automatic Sliding Door, Dorma Door Closers, Dorma Sensor Door, Floor Spring, Panic & fire doors, Automatic Swing Door, Dorma Service Centre, hardware, etc. They also provide services like the installation & reparation of the door, all at one platform.

To ensure that there won't be an accident brought on by manufacturing negligence, this automatic sliding gate has been maintained with a number of other safety precautions. The automatic sliding door is also equipped with speed controllers, which will allow you to choose how quickly the door opens and closes. So, for any such query Contact DVS Auto Doors.

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